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False promise of job: Hyderabad woman sold to sheikh in UAE, returns home

A Hyderabad woman, who was offered the job of a salesgirl in Dubai was recently rescued from Sharjah where she was sold to a sheikh to work as a domestic help.

The young woman had accepted the job hoping for freedom from poverty and difficulty-laden life back in India.

Instead, what she was put through was nothing less than horror and torture- confinement, overwork and not enough food in a foreign country.

The woman narrated that the job of a saleswoman in a Dubai supermarket came to her through an agent in Hyderabad.

However, the agent sent her to Sharjah in United Arab Emirates on March 18, where she was initially confined in an office.

"Later a Sheikh bought me and took me to Bahrain. From there I was taken to Oman and kept as a domestic help," she said.

She also added that she was not given adequate food, was tortured and made to work excessively.

Somehow, she was able to reach out to her mother and informed her about the situation, after which the family reached out to…