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NRI divorce frauds: Men try to avoid Indian courts

Experts from the Telangana State Women’s Commission, which is executing legal battles against NRI grooms who have deserted their wives, say that there must be a legal course of action to address NRI divorce frauds. The Commission has suggested various remedies including the introduction of a treaty to disallow courts abroad from handling cases pertaining to marriages solemnised in India. The Commission has held this position with the National Commission and the Ministry of External Affairs for years.

Tripurana Venkat Ratnam, the Chair-person of the State Women’s Commission, says, “There must be a treaty to forbid other countries from handling cases pertaining to marriages that have been solemnised as per Indian laws.” The Supreme Court in its various judgements has maintained that a divorce granted by a foreign court stands invalid in India. This means that a woman who has been married in India but divorced abroad is entitled to contest for maintenance and custody rights in India.


Proposals to punish NRI wife-deserters could be a life saver

“I did not even get time to grieve after my wife died of breast cancer in September last year. I was too busy fighting for my daughter, Sarita, whose husband left her,” Jalandhar resident Jai Gopal told HT recently. Sarita’s husband Saurabh Dharna, the report added, works in Melbourne and wants to have nothing to do with her. According to the National Commission for Women, there are 346 complaints from women married to NRIs in 2014. And it has never been easy for these women to get justice. Speaking to HT earlier, Punjab women commission chairperson Paramjit Kaur Landran admitted that abandoned wives can “grow old” fighting such cases because it’s “ not easy to get NRI grooms extradited”. But there could be some hope for these women thanks to a set of proposals that the government is considering: A high-level panel has recommended that NRIs who harass their wives or desert them could face impoundment or cancellation of their passport. The panel has also recommended that cases of dom…