Court sets riders on NRI divorces

An Indian trial court has held that a divorce decree granted by a foreign court to an NRI is invalid in case the woman does not have the means to go to that country to plead her case and if she had not subjected herself to the jurisdiction of that court.

"The apex court has opined that where the foreign judgment is in defiance of the Indian Law, it could not be said to be conclusive... in the matter adjudicated and would be unenforceable," in this country," it said, adding the woman's objections raised by the woman fell within the purview of the exceptions of Section 13 Civil Procedure Code (when 'foreign judgment not conclusive'.)

The court gave the ruling in a case where a UK-based NRI divorced his wife there though his wife had returned to India and not "submitted to the jurisdiction of a foreign court". The woman has sought divorce here on grounds of cruelty. The court said that the decree of divorce granted by the court could not be recognized.

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