Centre preparing Bill to attach properties of NRI husbands in domestic violence cases

The Ministry of External Affairs, along with women and child development, home and law ministries are involved in the exercise

With a rise in cases of domestic violence and abandonment against women who had married non-resident Indians (NRI), the Centre is working on a bill that will allow the government to attach properties of NRI husbands and their families if they do not respond to court summons.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), along with women and child development, home and law ministries are involved in the exercise. Officials said the court summons would be published on the MEA portal and deemed served to such NRI husbands and their families.

In the recent past, the Maharashtra State Commission of Women has been increasingly seeking help from the MEA to issue lookout notices for NRI husbands.

It has been seven months since a 29-year-old woman from Nashik filed for divorce and a case of domestic violence against her NRI husband based in Sydney. After multiple court hear…

False promise of job: Hyderabad woman sold to sheikh in UAE, returns home

A Hyderabad woman, who was offered the job of a salesgirl in Dubai was recently rescued from Sharjah where she was sold to a sheikh to work as a domestic help.

The young woman had accepted the job hoping for freedom from poverty and difficulty-laden life back in India.

Instead, what she was put through was nothing less than horror and torture- confinement, overwork and not enough food in a foreign country.

The woman narrated that the job of a saleswoman in a Dubai supermarket came to her through an agent in Hyderabad.

However, the agent sent her to Sharjah in United Arab Emirates on March 18, where she was initially confined in an office.

"Later a Sheikh bought me and took me to Bahrain. From there I was taken to Oman and kept as a domestic help," she said.

She also added that she was not given adequate food, was tortured and made to work excessively.

Somehow, she was able to reach out to her mother and informed her about the situation, after which the family reached out to…

Child thanks Supreme Court for granting parent's divorce

A divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences a family goes through. More so when there are kids involved. In a touching story, the Indian Supreme Court recognized the sentiments of a 10 year old child whose parents had married in 1997.

The couple had filed 23 civil and criminal cases against each other in Punjab and Haryana high court and various other district courts.

“This is a rich encomium paid to the court by the son of the appellant and respondent. The little one present in court today is exuberantly happy and sought liberty to present a handmade card expressing his joy on the settlement of all disputes and litigations between his mother and father,” justice Kurian Joseph said in his order while referring to the child’s note.
“What has been closed is not simply 23 cases; in the background of both the parties, they would have easily gone for many more litigations in the coming years,” justice Joseph observed, reminding courts that they should try an amicable way to arr…

Wife moves Supreme Court over 'perverted' husband's porn addiction, seeks complete ban on online pornography

A 27-year-old woman has approached the Supreme Court, saying her husband is suffering from acute porn addiction as a result of which their marriage is on the rocks, and sought a complete ban on online pornography.

The woman, a resident of Mumbai, blamed porn sites for her husband's addiction, which she claimed had "ruined" her matrimonial life.

She said that because of this habit, her 35-year-old husband has become so "perverted" that he is ignoring his day-to-day activities and their marriage is in trouble as he is indifferent to her physical and material needs. He has also been insisting on a divorce by mutual consent and has already moved the family court.

The woman has moved the court through lawyer Kamlesh Vaswani, seeking to become party to a plea filed by the advocate in 2013 to ban online pornography.

In her affidavit, she said: "My husband has been an addict of porn and spends a lot of his precious time watching porn... He is suffering from lack …

‘Absconding’ NRI husbands' properties may be seized for abandoning wife

To address the problem of NRI husbands abandoning their Indian wives and absconding from appearing in courts, the Centre has swept into action and is looking to initiate a crackdown on ‘absconding husbands’.

Property of NRI husbands could be confiscated if they desert their wives and not respond to repeated notices issued to them.

Union Women and Child Development (WCD) minister Maneka Gandhi on Monday said the government is considering crucial changes in the criminal law that will allow seizure of the property of NRI men for abandoning their wives.

As per reports, WCD ministry has said a person will be assumed that he is evading summons if he doesn’t appear after three notices have been served. The person will be treated as an absconder.

Reports quoted WCD secretary Rakesh Srivastava as saying that enforcement agencies will be authorised to attach the property of such persons and their families. Srivastava said that the ministry has sought an amendment in the Code of Criminal Proced…

NRI Wives seek help frequently: One NRI wife calls home for help every 8 hours

A few weeks ago we blogged about "Indian Government setting up website to register, track NRI marriages"  According to a report, ICSSR to conduct research on NRI brides in country : The Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), a body under the HRD ministry, is planning to conduct a research on NRI brides in the country.  "The culture by NRI men to come to their homeland and marry girls here is quite old but not all the times these marriages are successful. There have been so many cases when the grooms left the brides here itself or forged certain details about themselves," ICSSR Chairman BB Kumar told PTI. 

An article reports "One NRI wife calls home for help every 8 hours". It highlights issues and challenges faced by spouses of Non Resident Indians:

At least one woman married to an NRI calls home every 8 hours seeking help to return after being deserted by her husband.Complaints received by MEA show that in the 1,064 days between Jan 2015 and …

Nearly half of Indians think wife beating is ok

A report from UNICEF's "Global Report Card on Adolescents 2012", says that 57% of adolescent boys in India think a husband is justified in hitting or beating his wife. In its facebook page, UNICEF India posts
Our Global Report (UNICEF's Report Card on Adolescents 2012) points out that 57% of adolescent boys in India think a husband is justified in hitting or beating his wife.
Even more shocking is over half of the Indian adolescent girls (53%) think that a husband is justified in beating his wife. It's a shocking revelation in this day and age. Not just Indian men, but even adolescents - in the 15-19 age group - feel that wife beating is justified. 
Unicef's " Global Report Card on Adolescents 2012", says that 57% of adolescent boys in India think a husband is justified in hitting or beating his wife. It adds that over half of the Indian adolescent girls, or around 53% think that a husband is justified in beating his wife. In comparison, 41% women inB…